RFID Equipment Introduction

Life Limited Parts Management

ALL IN own intellectual property on full set of RFID, which comply with Boeing and Airbus requirement and got EASA DOA approval in 2015 August.RFID can be used to inspect life jacket, oxygen generator, etc, life limit parts quickly. RFID can also be used to check LRU parts and control warehouse parts and tools.

Airbus and Boeing recommend OEM produced LRU parts and MRO repaired components to have RFID tag on before releasing so that airlines will use RFID to read previous info/ malfunction rapidly.

In 2013, Airbus began to stick RFID tag on all new A320, A330 and A380 a/c’s life jackets. So do A350 a/c in 2015. In 2015, Airbus also request all BFE seats manufacturer to install RFID tag before sending to Airbus assembly line.

Therefore, it’s a trend to use RFID. ALL IN AVIATION sincerely hope our RFID will reduce workload, improve efficiency and save maintenance cost for all airlines.