Technical Services


The Maintenance Program should be one that is approved by the country of use and should reflect the Manufacturer's Approved Program current content

The aircraft must be US Registered

There must be a Notarized Power of Attorney designating an on-site Agent to be able to sign the appropriate FAA Applications for the Special Flight Permit, Airworthiness Certificate and Export C of A to what Country (?) on behalf of the Registered Owner.

But before DAR issue the certs, you must prepare documentation according to below list.

1. A complete list of all LLP items(airframe, engine, APU and landing gear) must be accompanied by "Back to Birth".

2. Documentation as well as an AD listing (airframe, engine, APU and components) showing method of compliance with "Dirty Fingerprint" proof and all documentation must be translated to English.

3. Hard Time Components should have an acceptable FAA Form 8130-1 or equivalent from an approved Vendor or Manufacturer. The total list should be available with last date and next due.

4. The AFM should be current and have an FAA Approved Supplement.

5. Installed Equipment including seats must be of a type approved by the FAA and meet the requirements of an FAA Approved LOPA for Configuration and Fire Protection/Blocking.

6. All Structure Mapping and Repair records, repair data will be requested, should be accepted by FAA.

7. Tally sheet for current workscope(last C-Check) showing planned workcards and all non-routine cards generated by the current inspection.

8. Copies of original Airbus export certifications (Airframe and Engine) and current aircraft certificates to assess the aircraft meets FAA Type Design A28NM. If there are any known exceptions to this design they need to be discussed ASAP.

There needs to be a letter from the Manufacturer that states in Part, At the time of manufacturer this aircraft S/N _____ meets the US Type Certificate A28NM. if it does not or did not meet the requirements of the TC then they need to list the deficiencies, typically they might be certified for 180 passengers vs 179 being the max allowed for the US Version. Depending on the age they might not have the correct over-wing exits or access to them. These are a few of the typical differences which have to be corrected prior to issuance of a Standard C of A. This requirement is specifically addressed in the US Type Certificate for the applicable model. Please be advised if ILFC did not obtain this letter from Airbus at time of purchase, they can obtain one, however, Airbus has recently required advance notice of several weeks to provide it, and may charge for it.

9. Same for installed engines. Export certificates copies if they are not the originally installed engines.

10. MPD status and Airworthiness (ALI) and CMR items compliance status.

11. Aircraft SB/modification(STC) and MOD status, if necessary, dirty figure should be supplied. Any installed STC's should also have FAA Approval.

12. Aircraft On-Wing Equipments list

13. Last shop visit/repair records of Engines, APU and Landing Gear

14. All Manual list with effective date

15. A/C check CRS copies and history.

16. AC log (utilization) and Engine LOG

17. ELA status and statement

18. DFDR analysis report

19. Last weigh report, compass swing report